To Sail Beyond The Sunset: Central Coast Airfest 2019

Flying is about freedom. Freedom to move, to travel, to savor all three dimensions we’re capable of experiencing. The wheels leave the ground and everything just melts away. Airshows give us an opportunity to look skyward at the people who fly and say… “I want to do that.”

This film celebrates the performers of the Central Coast Airfest. These are aviators who have pushed their love for flying to the edge. Stunt pilots who roll and tumble mere feet from the ground. A fighter pilot who blasts through walls of fire with 30,000 lbs of thrust at his back. A rodeo clown who lands airplanes on top of ambulances.

For thousands of years, flying was an impossible dream. Now, flying is more accessible than ever before, but it’s no less a dream. Look up, and dream.

ClientCentral Coast Airfest
Agencyclient direct
ProdHCB Media
DirHenry Behel
DPGus Bendinelli